About Bentley Staffing

What we do is simple, in theory, but doing it well is what allows us to help you progress and profit from your perfect match. In short, we want to be a part of your team, trusted and valued!

What We Do

We make connections.

By dedicating time to employers and job seekers alike, we form a deep understanding of their specific needs and what benefits they can offer each other.

Developing these relationships is what allows us to create a perfect match. We want a win-win with both the employer and the job seeker and that begins with open full discussions so we can all be on the same page.

We support our matches.

While hiring is the first step, to ensure everyone’s success we continue to act as an extension of each company’s HR team, as well as handling all HR responsibilities for successful candidates.

All of our employers are involved in a detailed intake process so we really understand the work and the working environment. Our job seekers go through a multi-step process so that we confident that they can do what is needed and are sent to the right assignments. One thing we don’t hear from our job seekers: “You never told me that!”

We educate.

Growing a business or career requires continuous education. We are dedicated to fostering this growth by offering quarterly educational opportunities.

We also support our employers and job seekers with timely information on social media. The working environment is changing day by day it seems and we want to share important information and resources.

A Single Vision, A Collective Effort

Lynne Brown

Lynne Brown

Owner / President

I am committed to providing professional service with a sincere personal touch. I have many years of recruitment experience and have seen our industry evolve over the years.

My recruitment expertise and demonstrated history of working in the Human Resources industry brings firsthand knowledge of some of the challenges employers and job seekers face.

Having previously recruited for some of the UK’s most prestigious organizations, I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and aspire to help every candidate I meet get closer to their individual career goals.

As a seasoned veteran interacting with the public, I am skilled in Interviewing, Candidate Assessment, Negotiation, Customer Service, Coaching, Sales, Strategic Planning and Business Development. I have a strong sales background and professional network covering Northumberland County and Clarington regions.

I have made the commitment to serving Northumberland County and Clarington regions. It would be my pleasure to partner with you. Let’s start the conversation!

The Bentley Staffing Collective

While Lynne Brown stands at the helm of Bentley Staffing as our owner and president, she's far from alone in this journey. Lynne collaborates with a dynamic network of professionals, each contributing their specialized skills to our operations. This collective includes experts in payroll, social media, website management, HR legal advice, bookkeeping, and administrative support.




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